Getting outdoors is a great for mental and physical health and we want to help you experience it for yourself!

We love hiking and what better way is there to stay fit and healthy as we age. We want to provide a place for those 50 and older to jump off into conversations about everything from great gear and awesome trails, to how to work around age related aches. 

We want to help those on the cusp of stepping out on trail over come the anxiety of getting started, help demystify the “gearnado” and have conversations with folks just like you that have made the move and are better for it! There has never been a better time than right now to start!

About Us

Hi folk’s! My name is Rebecca Stevens and I am an Over the Hill Hiker. I didn’t start hiking until I was 48 and it has been one of the best things for my psychical and mental wellbeing.

Don’t get me wrong Im still chunky, my knees are squeaky and forget my reading glasses everywhere, but I still get out there and so can you. You will be glad you did.

I believe by creating this community we can make it easier for people over 50 to begin making steps toward getting outside. We want to help answer all your questions about all the things, so you can confidently adventure out onto the trail.


Hello folks!

Hey folks! This is the first post on our Over The Hill Hiking website.  Im so excited to be launching this site and connecting with people over fifty who want to get outdoors and unplug. We want to foster community and conversations that provide older hikers with information that can help them get on trail. …